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Renter’s Guide

How it works:

  • Start by choosing the location where you want to rent a boat, then adjust the search options to your specific requirements or type of activity you are looking for.
  • If you are not sure what boat to choose, or if you have questions regarding a specific boat, feel free to contact us through the live chat on the website or e-mail us at support@boat.me to get prompt assistance.
  • Your reservation will be either approved or declined by the boat owner within 24 hours of the reservation request.
  • If your reservation is accepted, you will receive a notification.
  • On our website, you can choose to pay now if the trip is within 5 days of the reservation date, or pay later if the trip is more than 5 days from the trip date.
  • All reservations must be paid in full at least 5 days before departure. Otherwise, the reservation will be terminated.
  • If a reservation is declined by the owner, we will send you a decline notification. If you would like to find a similar boat, you can contact support@boat.me or keep searching on your own.

How to handle a reservation:

  • Once a reservation is paid in full, we will send you the boat owner’s contact information and instructions for how to get the boat.
  • Pay attention to the security deposit requirement, which is specific to each boat, and be aware that some captains might request a cash deposit. 
  • Check for emails with updates about your reservation.

How to cancel a reservation:

  • To cancel a reservation, go to My Trips and press the cancel button.
  • If you decide to cancel due to weather conditions, please contact your captain to perform the cancellation. In this case, the reservation is refundable.
  • For other cases, please check our cancellation policy first. We advise you to contact  support@boat.me before canceling a reservation to find the right solution.

How to make the best of your trip:

  • Review the boat description to make sure it has all the features and amenities you need.  If you need extra services, order them in advance.
  • Make sure the directions and parking instructions are clear to you. If they are not, contact your captain immediately.
  • Arrive 30 minutes before your departure time to meet the captain, get familiar with the boat, get instructions, board and prepare to take off.
  • Make sure to have a great time! :)
  • At the end of trip, don’t forget your belongings on board. Neither Boat.Me nor the captain or boat owner are responsible for any lost items.
  • Share your experience with Boat.Me by contacting us at support@boat.me, and come sail with us again!