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Washington, DC, United States

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There is a saying that “the best boat to take to the water is your neighbor’s”. This is because they are not only expensive to buy, they are also difficult to maintain, and this is why renting a boat is such a great option wherever you go. Washington DC has a lot to offer and boat rentals bring a vacation in DC on a whole new level. Whether you are planning to go for kayak rental with your friends or looking for a yacht rental to spend some quality time with your family in DC, boat.me has you covered! Just pick a boat you like from the listings above and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some help with choosing the right boat.

We have boats for just any kind of water activity but that’s beside the point. Let’s talk about how to choose a Washington DC boat rental. The first thing you will need to consider is the size and type of the boat. The location where you intend to boat is a major consideration in choosing the right boat, with the following other key factors being essential.

Water Conditions

The body of water you are using is an important factor in choosing the right boat to use. If your intent is waterskiing, you would not need a long boat and wouldn’t need to have a lot of space to carry many people. If you are less than 10 people any motor boat about 20 ft would do, just make sure to check the cost of gas - it varies a lot from one type of boat to another.

Length of Time

The duration and length of time is another key consideration in choosing the right boat to opt for. If you are headed on a longer journey, or plan a trip with kids make sure the boat offers an indoor accommodation to make the trip comfortable. This means bedding and toilet facilities that would necessitate larger vessels. Most of the boat owners offer their boats for a short term rental - the most common period of time for dc boat rental would be 4 hours. If this is your first time in Washington DC, boat rental with a captain is not just convenient, but also a great way to get good advice from a local boater on where to go.


The other factor that will determine your choice for the boat rental in DC is the activities you plan to engage in on deck. If you intend to dive or snorkel for instance, you will need some room to store gear, and an easy access route on and off the boat. If you want to go fishing, set the search filters for a fishing boat rental in dc to ensure that your boat has enough room for his gear and storage for the catch.

The size of the party

The number and composition of people on board your deck is a factor you cannot assume when choosing a boat - personal or rental. You’ll find in our collection of vessels a recommended number of crew and other people that’s considered safe. No matter what boat boat rental in dc you are looking for, safety’s first and following the boat owner’s rules is essential.

Whatever your plans or considerations for Washington DC boat rental needs are, there is plenty of room for choice at Boat.me.