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Buried treasure
Do you own a sailboat, powerboat, kayak, Jet Ski or party boat?
List your watercraft for rental with just a handful of easy steps
1Create a profile
2Describe your vessel
3List amenities and features
4Upload photos
5Log the location
Watch the tides
Keep an eye on the calendar to maximize bookings
  • Rent out your boat hourly or daily
  • Rent out your boat with or without a captain
  • Set your own price
  • Set the days and hours your boat will earn money
  • You are always in control
Welcome them aboard
Hosting with your boat
  • Transfer your boat to the renters
  • Be a good host
  • Make their ride unforgettable
  • Ask for a review
X marks the spot
Get your money
  • Use our secure payment system
  • You decide how to receive your money
Fair winds and following seas!
Ship ahoy
Search for your dream vessel
  • 1Choose a type of watercraft – kayak, Jet Ski, sailboat, powerboat or party boat
  • 2Choose to rent by the hour or the day
  • 3Take the helm yourself or have us provide a captain
  • 4See what days and times the boat is available
  • 5Map out the best location
  • 6Filter to narrow your search
  • 7Check the boat information and photos
  • 8Calculate the full price
Smooth sailing
Book a boat in three clicks
  • Search for aboat
  • Enter your payment information using our secure payment system
  • Review your reservation
Aye, aye, sir
Meet your captain
  • Look over the captain’s information
  • Check out the pictures
Weigh anchor
Enjoy your voyage
  • Receive the captain’s contact information and location
  • Take along your confirmation letter… and have fun!
Land ho
Share your experience with friends and save the ocean!